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Propadrol EP Reviews

“Boost Testosterone Levels, while Eradicating Estrogen, with no nasty side effects.” This claim makes Propadrol EP sound like one of the best dietary supplements around. Since so many products cause more side effects than they are worth, Propadrol EP is a step above the rest…if they can live up to these claims.

Propadrol EP comes from Engineered Sports Technology. EST has quite an extensive line of fat burners. They claim to fill a void in the sports supplement market by using clinically proven ingredients. Are these ingredients that will keep you progressing towards your goals?

Let’s take a closer look at this formula to see what you can really expect.

Does Propadrol EP Include Quality Ingredients?

Hesperidin, 7-methoxy-2-phenyl-4h-chromen-one, and methyl-2a are the ingredients in Propadrol EP. The first two are contained within a 200 mg proprietary blend. Three grams of methyl-2a are used.

D-aspartic acid (included in the Methyl-2a) has been shown in some trials to increase testosterone levels by 33%. That can be a huge help if your testosterone levels are lacking and preventing you from building muscle. The study that showed this, however, said you needed a full three grams. Is combining D-aspartic acid with 5 methyl-7 methoxy isoflavone going to give you the same results? Possibly not.

The Propadrol blend uses ingredients that are not conclusively proven to either increase testosterone or reduce estrogen. That being said, they can provide you with some benefits that may improve your health such as reducing cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure.

All in all, the Propadrol EP does not appear to do everything they advertise. This is not unusual among fat burners but coming from a company that prides itself on using the right ingredients it’s concerning that more information about how it works is not included. It’s almost like just because they have said that they expect you to believe everything else they say. But you don’t have to risk your results based solely on their word!

Is Propadrol EP Safe?

They claim that side effects will not be an issue. No one likes negative side effects from using fat burners but some of the ingredients just naturally cause problems.  Propadrol EP is probably not going to cause many side effects but they suggest you not use it if you have medical conditions.

Furthermore, Propadrol EP says that it should only be used for 30 days at a time. You then have to take a 90 day break. Something that requires such a long break can’t be completely safe.

Propadrol EP Customer Reviews

There are only a few customer reviews available. Several of them indicate that users have experienced the results they want but others felt like it caused too many problems even though they claim side effects will not be an issue. If you are considering Propadrol EP, take the advice of one user and look for it on sale. You can usually find it pretty cheap which is good because a guarantee is not offered.

Will Propadrol EP Work for You?

Propadrol EP has not been shown to work as the best fat burner. To be fair, they do not claim to help you lose a lot of weight. That being said, they should be able to live up to the claims made and unfortunately, the formula is lacking in a few areas.

You may see better results using a fat burner that will increase testosterone, improve health, and reduce body fat so you can achieve the leanest body possible.

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