The 3 Fastest Ways To Lose BellyFat And Keep It Off!
Posted on July 16th, 2016
     One of the health challenges, (especially in adults over the age of 35) is the ability of or bodies to burn off fat. As we age, our cells activity slows down which in turn leads to a reduction in metabolism and thereafter fat gain.
     Now, before getting into the 3 ways of losing belly fat, it is important to first understand a little about the different classifications of belly fat in the body.

     See, our bodies classify belly fat by either their 

1. Placement(belly,skin,thighs....) OR 

2. Their calorimetric value.( How easily accessible and combustible is the fat)

So white fat and brown fat are classified based on their calorimetric accessinility and Subcutaneous and Visceral on their positioning. 

All you need to know at this point is that in terms of combustion, brown is superior to white and subcutaneous (surface) is readily more accessible than visceral. 

Think of visceral as the fat close to the vital organs, the liver, pancreas and intestines. See image below.
     Now that you know about the different classes of fat, the next step is to figure out how it got there and even better, how to get rid of it.

     There are 3 main ways 95% of us get belly fat. I'll say 97% because as a scientist, we can never give a 100% guarantee on anything.  

     These 3 main ways of gaining belly fat also happen to be the exact three main ways to lose belly fat so pay close attention. Here goes....
     Just as the image says. Depending on our age, gender and activity, we burn between 1200 to 1500 calories a day. 

Most of it is burnt by the Central Nervous System(brain,skeletal tissues....) which consumes about 30-40% of our energy. 

The brain about 20% despite being about 3lbs in weight!     
     Insulin is responsible for regulation of blood glucose, which is the main fuel for our body. 

When we expose our bodies to years and years of blood glucose(High Fructose Corn Syrup) insulin level rises to counter the increase. 

If this linear rise in blood sugar continues, our bodies become insensitive to blood sugar increases. 

What eventually happens is that the extra sugar is stored as adipose tissue by an enzyme called Lipoprotein Lipase or LPL. 

This is the sole reason belly fat,Type 2 diabetes and heart disease are highly correlated. 

So cutting down or out sugar especially the high fructose corn syrup which is genetically modified and was passed by government as a cheaper substitute for the raw natural sugar which has equal parts sucrose and fructose which your bodies enzymes can break down readily. 

The final reason how we gain weight is by.....

     Cortisol is the hormone that is associated with stress. Studies have shown that as stress levels go up in our bodies, so does the levels of cortisol. 

Stress in itself could be triggered by many activities including but not limited to lack of sleep(insomnia), long daily commutes, work related, worry, trauma.......and the list is endless. 

The way cortisol works is that it sends signals indicating that blood glucose is low, which in turn makes us feel "hungry" So it's main mechanism is to fight insulin on blood glucose regulation to counter the stress signal input. 


So now that you know about the different classes of belly fat and how we gain it, the next step is to get it off! But before you get it off, make sure you take the Belly Fat Assessment which will help you in understanding the fastest way to get rid of the belly. 

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